Here at last!

I have been writing poetry since 1969. I read the first poem I penned out loud in the first grade. I recall I was wearing a red dress and patent leather shoes.

Spring is near/Spring is here/ Listen with your ear/Listen to the robin sing/On this lovely day of spring.

I have been publishing my poetry in print and on various sites since 1997, and 18 years later I was at last inspired by NaPoWriMo 2015 (National Poetry Writing Month is an annual challenge that takes place each April in which participants attempt to write one poem each day for the entire month) to finally pen some of my poetry musings on my very own site.

Read and enjoy!

~Just L

One thought on “Here at last!

  1. Enjoy the simplicity of your words. Have a look at my blog. I think you might like it . We can share each others and get more readers.

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