Prelude to a Kiss

I glance at my phone and feel a little thrill

“Hi sweetie!” I last saw him in April

Ah yes, I was getting my birthday tattoo

“It’d be great if we could get together”

“I look forward to seeing you, too.”


We meet at my favorite dinner spot

I’m playing it cool, yet feeling hot

We order a truly fine Baja wine

Share risotto and crème brûlée

Flirtatious innuendos pass the time.


“Does this bother you?”

I read the screen and laugh, “No.”

His hand is in my waist-length hair

Sitting in the seat in front of him

I know something’s in the air.


Sipping whisky with the dancers

They ask me questions, I answer

I turn, ‘Hey Handsome did I mention…”

He runs his hand up my thigh

Reminds me he’s paying attention.


Walking into the cool night air

A little tipsy, without a care

We slip into the backseat

He leans in to grab my face

Our mouths at last meet.

~Just L (September 29, 2018)

Author’s Note: You know how I love a good kissing poem, and a good kisser.

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