Being Led

There is something about a man taking my hand and leading me somewhere, anywhere for the purposes of connection, seduction, or abduction…  Add that kissing in the closet concoction: Absolutely delicious.

(Gah! Perfection.)

~Just L (Pressed, October 17, 2018)

via Being Led

Author’s Note: Today, in a conversation with “Handsome,” I told him that Strep was going around (as it seems to do when the University is back in session each fall), and so I must refrain from kissing strangers. He replying, “That’s no fun”… caused me to giggle, and commit to penning more kissing poems this fall.

And, hey Handsome, did you know there is a Canada Kiss Map?

The Rules:
1. Keep it anonymous
2. Keep it brief (less than 500 characters)
3. Keep it clean and kind

So, it appears kissing and telling is a faux pas of the past.


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