Amid the Noise and the Haste you are Poetry in Motion*

Designer flowers dance at her ankles
Su vestido largo se aferra a el cuerpo
(Her long dress clings to the body)
She is fire and earthshaking
If only I could match her lyrical tempo

She looks winsome standing there
Envuelto en una manta de cachemira
(Wrapped in a cashmere blanket)
I think, “I’d like to warm you up…
If you’d let me near ya.”

There’s sumpin sultry ‘bout her
Parado al lado del fuego
(Standing next to the fire)
Drinking Knob Creek from a jar
Watching her sway to and fro

Her laugh rises with the sparks
Sonriendo ella mantener mi mirada
(Smiling she holds my stare)
I yearn to hold her closer
Tempted by the seven sins of the piñata

I edge my way through the crowd
Su ingenio cálido y calmante
(Her energy warm and soothing)
I want to control her mind and soul
With a little help from the illuminati

I summon Rasta courage,
“Tú me llevas allá”
(You take me there)
She replies, “I don’t wanna wait”
Let me wrap you up in SOJA.

~ Just L (November 3, 2018)

Author’s Note: *A play on two of SOJA’s album names. I had the pleasure of being in the midst of their creative and chaotic force this week.

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