BLESS them

When they go low, we go high. – Michelle Obama

Listen to this motivational speech: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hate The Haters

Author’s Note:

I was recently accused of chasing boys that are half my age and out of my league, and portraying a lifestyle on social media that I really cannot afford. It is true that I have married and dated men on average 15 years younger than me. I’ve never had to chase a man. I regularly attract similarly young at heart, spirited, attractive, professional individuals. As far as my lifestyle, I graduated from two prestigious universities with two children in tow, and I am fortunate to have honed my professional craft over 30 years and make a good living. I have bought and paid for everything I have. As far as my “life style,” I tend to collect memories and not things. Lately it seems my picker is broken as I was fooled by a man who pretended to be a “good guy” yet ended up being an individual of low character with no moral compass. Unfortunately, his “younger, fitter, superior” girlfriend whom he was cheating on, but I never knew about, and certainly have never met, considers it is fair game to hate on me and victimize me further. Perhaps, she’d consider asking him to return his drums and equipment I purchased and he uses to make his living. *wink*

Selah. Moving on.



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