But, he

But, heIs charmingI told you soInsistent That, I know Has VIP accessYou h...Oh.And, sheI resistedClearly notI didn't mean toOr so you thoughtI know it won't lastWhat?!!Betide, woe.~ Just L (Friday, May 13, 2022)

Coaxing Deliciousness

The more complex your tasteInhaling the aroma The slower I sip, and savor Lingering a bit longer In and around my tongue Swishing and swirling This favorite is not too youngShould I consume (you) too quicklyFor your taste You were drinkable, pleasant evenBut not memorable (May 1, 2021)

First Blush

I need to get to know that man, because right now all I see is attractive. ~ Just L (February 2, 2020) Author's Note: I realize there are a lot of ways to read into this. I will leave it up to your own interpretation.

Mai Tais and Yours

An unplanned adventure Throwing caution to the wind If only to hold her Plane ticket to Honolulu On a moment's notice He has some powerful juju Mai Tais on the beach Cool R&B and warm breezes Nothing's out of reach ~ Just L (October 18, 2019)