While some may like to wander through my poems, ponderings and featured pictures via the home page, here are links to some of the more often viewed selections on this site.

As a hopeful romantic, I mostly pen poems on love and loss. Here’s an index of the most popular pieces for easy navigation.

— – 2016 was a brutal year

A –  A Little Longer     After All     All the Small Ings

        Another Term for a Submarine Sandwich

B – Be Careful With Your Words     Been Around the Block

       Beginner’s Mind     Being Led     Breathtaking     But who’s counting

C – Choose Love     Cupid Set A Tripwire     Coming in Hot

D – Devastated    “Do not contact me”

F – Fine Spirit     Foolishly Entering Another

H –  Her Past Becomes An Anecdote

I – ineed a smarter phone     I swore God put you in my sights     Is this what love is made of or does this seem absurd?     I Married Him Yesterday     I Keep the Time

J – Just Weight

K – Knocking on the Dawn Anew

L – Let’s Wreck     Love Awaits     Love Isn’t For You     Love’s Last Days

N – Nap Detective    Not Bitter At All

O – Of Scars in Sotto Voce     Out of Sync

P – Palm Reader     Piece of Cake?     Plant Kisses     Profoundly Ruined

R – Rainy Season

S – Say Cheese     Sofa     Spilling Over     Stick Like Spaghetti

Satisfying Pangs of Nothingness   September Heat

T – Taken     Tempting Fate     Three Falling     Trailing Thoughts

       True Happiness – A Haiqua

U – Unconvinced

V – Verbally Fluent     Vorfreude

W – World At Her Feet

“About him”…A Comfortable Place      Close Up     Directions     Entirely     Fall Out     Holding Love     Killing Me     #LoveHack      Quiet Storm     Slow Emotion     Wait For Him     Withdrawal


Side Swiped

“Love Letters” are letters to or from Just L periodically pulled from the vault.

It All Goes Away With You
Lost in Translation
Your brilliance snags me

National Poetry Writing Month – One poem a day for 30 days. Here are a few.

Downsized – April 25, 2017
Tap-Tap No Erasies – April 21, 2017
Alliteral Life of Loveliness – April 12, 2017
He speaks four languages. We share one. – April 1, 2017

A Memoir This Does Not Make, But It Tells A Tale – April 29, 2016
Found to Lost – April 28, 2016
Seeking Punctuation – April 24, 2016
Rooted – April 22, 2016
Unseasonably Hot – April 16, 2016
Hopeful Romantic – April 15, 2016
Just Add “…In Bed” – April 13, 2016
Minda – April 11, 2016
But the Distance – April 4, 2016
Parting Lips – April 1, 2016

The Play Continues -April 23, 2015
The Sweet Spot of My Life Trajectory – April 20, 2015
He Really Gets Me – April 16, 2015
Hopeful Romantic – April 15, 2016
Bottoms Up – April 10, 2015
Winter is Over: Finally! – April 8, 2015
The Big Dipper – April 2, 2015
Our Love Story: What it is not – April 1, 2015

“Personal Life, Politics, and Pinot Blanc” is a periodic series of ponderings by Just L

I Would Die 4 U      Sacrifice    Yes I Say

A selection of pieces on love and loss to read, enjoy, or act upon.

If You Forget Me – Pablo Neruda (recited by Madonna)
wait until she leaves you – Star of David (2016 poem)
What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone – Heather Plett (2016)
20 Ways to Fall In Love All Over Again – Amanda MacMillan (2016 article)
Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her) – Bryan Reeves (2015 article)
The Absolute Tragedy Of Watching Someone Fall Out Of Love With You – Gigi Engle (2015 article)
Ghosting: when they disappear without telling you it’s over – Petra Kreatschman, Love & Relationship Coach (2015 article)
Love At First Sight Is Real And Here’s Why – Mary McMahon (2015 article)
If you want to Change the World, Love A Man – Lisa Citore (2013 poem)
I Hope You Fall In Love Someday – Lauren M. Smith (2014 essay)
For Women Who Are Difficult To Love – Warsan Shire (2012 Interview)
The Man’s Burden: 5 Ways Men Break Up With Woman and Why – WisdomIsMisery (2011 article)
Fall – Laura Ahlfeld (2010 poem)
If You Want to Change the World, Love A Woman – Lisa Citore (2008 poem)
It wasn’t logic, it was love (Brooklyn Bridge scene from “Sex in the City: The Movie” 2008)