Poetry on love, or at the least what feels like love.

A Little Longer

All The Small Ings

An Angel Beckons

Been Around the Block

Beginner’s Mind – 2

But I Do

Don’t Ever Allow There To Be The One That Got Away – 2

Everything I’ve Got

“He Doesn’t Need You to Fix Him” by Kate Rose

He Really Gets Me

Holding Space For Love

Hold On

I Have A Brand New Love (me)

I Want Someone

Let’s Wreck

Magnificence of an Accident

Miss Them, But Do Not Ache For Them

Morning Love

Nap Detective

Next Time: Note to Self

Only To Reach His Lips

Say Cheese

Trailing Thoughts

Ugly Shirt

What Is It About Me?

Winter is Over: Finally!

You Make Me Want To Move Furniture