Rainy Season


When the light wanes and low season is to blame
And the rain falls where you are
Disorientation stakes its claim

When my heart cannot be tamed
I run outside to find the north star
Polaris is as certain as our love aflame

~Just L (June 25, 2017)

I Am The Center


I lie here on my mat;
In the center of the Universe;
I am ready to practice;
To simply be.

I am standing in the grass;
Centered in the Universe;
Ancient as the trees;
Steady in the breeze.

I am reaching for the sun;
Saluting the Universe;
Bone stacked on bone;
Diving over the bees.

I lie here in the park;
I am the center of the Universe;
Breathed in by God;
God is in me.

~Just L (June 20, 2017)

No Contest

He’d say, “I love you.”

I’d reply, “I love you more.”

To which he’d retort, “It is not a contest.”

No, no contest. I won.

~Just L (June 4, 2017, Goddess Wisdom)

Author’s Note: Sometimes exes really did tell you everything you needed to know, we just weren’t listening.

I Keep The Time

This explains a lot:

You have to remember baby you are a writer and I am a drummer. Guitars and keyboards play a lot of notes. I keep the time. ~Lori Bumgardner AKA Just L (my love to me, May 9, 2017)