Not Bitter At All

I am delighted to find
Exactly where my lips
Tasted salty
And you were sweet
To me
Where we laughed
As the sea whipped our hair
And these many months
Have not changed your kindness
Or how much I care

I am thrilled to discover
We are co-creators
Of our fate
On my tongue
The taste of your skin
Is exactly
As I recall
Dark fruit and roots
Chocolate goodness
Not bitter at all

Not bitter at all

~Just L (August 28, 2017)

Published in the October 2017 Blender of Love Digest.

Don’t tell me what he’s like when he’s smitten with you…

Don’t tell me what he’s like when he’s smitten with you, tell me how he treats you when he’s angry – or bored with you.

How does he treat his family and friends? Does he have close relationships or are they simply work / hobby acquaintances? Do all of his best friends coincidentally live far away? How does he deal with challenges? Is he selectively compassionate and kind? Have you heard him make fun of people? Has he walked away from responsibilities? Is it always someone else’s fault? Have you witnessed him lying to another? Does he communicate well with others under stress? Have you heard him speak harshly on the phone to others? Does he keep score in other relationships? How does he treat any exes? How does he speak about them? Is he non-confrontational, but holds information for future bargaining? The truth is that a man’s character doesn’t change with his friends or with a woman. Don’t think that a man will treat you differently than he does his family and friends.

Go ahead , tell yourself, “He wouldn’t do that to me because of our relationship.” Don’t ignore the warning signs about his character and convince yourself that he will act differently with you.

He may be different in the beginning but I promise that given enough time, he’ll treat you the same as everyone else. Keep that in mind.

~Just L (Goddess Wisdom, August 22, 2017)

Satisfying Pangs of Nothingness

I saw you today.
You accidentally (or was it) brushed up against me,
As you stopped in your tracks and turned the other way.

I watched the collision in slow motion.
As if I were floating far above the fray;
I couldn’t smell you any longer, and had nothing to say.

Remarkably it pays –
The satisfying pangs of nothingness;
The result of healing after so many days.

I don’t feel pity knowing you as I do.
That old tape no longer plays;
At last free from your smoke and mirrors haze.

Here’s to the pangs of nothingness for me.
Whilst for you nothing –

~Just L (August 20, 2017)

Published in the October 2017 Blender of Love Digest.

The Best Is Surely Yet

I once climbed mountains for one who held my heart.

Never grasping, ‘Wait for someone to do their part.’

Until I dared to be vulnerable, missing the trust fall.

With a thud I realized it wasn’t about me at all.

Wandering for a time, I questioned the other’s motive.

At last I decided this was no way to live.

I dusted off my pride and let my light shine.

Happy and grateful to be in this bruised skin of mine.

I redoubled my efforts to allow others in.

After all, living with integrity and kindness is hardly a sin.

Then entered that one who wished to change my view.

By blowing my mind without exploding my world, too.

I got someone who wants me, and not just the “next.”

There is far more to love, and the best is surely yet.

~Just L (August 15, 2017)


This Will Be In My Memoirs

With you, that day in the forest
Was remarkable
Thinking aloud, I went
This will be in my memoirs

Writing as I do
Some nights are painful reminders
Of something fleeting
Penned on the page

Where emotions were raw
Because I never believed
I would feel any other way

Your voice’s intonation
Matched the sunset
Exquisite in its ability to warm
My heart

Expressive of some meaning
It’s a huge moment
To have feelings about it is more than okay

You never know how you will do
On the big stage
Chase your dreams
You’re lucky to have one
If not two

I cannot live without my dreams
And my memories are all my own
But, I know I can live without you.

~Just L (August 1, 2017)

Pillow Case

He fell deep into her eyes and kissed her full lips;

He lain his head on her heart but couldn’t find rest;

So he built a wall between them,

As being an island suited him best.

~Just L (July 24, 2017)