Our Angels Must’ve Talked

Don’t know how we found each other
Our angels must’ve talked
“She likes the moon”
“He does, too”
“He doesn’t trust many”
“She only lets in a few”
“She’s been hurt”
“He’ll make her whole”
“He’s had a hard life”
“She’s a young soul”
“She loves the river”
“He’s not one for the sand”
“He likes spicy food”
“She can get out of hand”
“Did I mention she wants…”
“The stars and the moon?”
“He’ll wash the dishes”
“They must meet soon!”
Worlds apart we found each other
Let them talk.

-Just L (December 3, 2017)

Written for a human who loves a tiger.

Never Were We

You are strange
And strangely familiar
Cool as a night swim
In the deep blue sea
Gentle as the breeze
That brushes my cheek
Warm as cashmere
Genuinely soft
Sinewy, but not hard
To reach, that is
Dark but not mysterious
I see you clearly
We are not strangers
Never were we

-Just L (November 29, 2017)

Civil War – A Battle in Progress

My body has become a battlefield
The peace I have cultivated
Within my sacred temple
Is at war with my anxiety
These long many months
I’ve been assaulted
Uncharacteristically low-balled
Inside this state
There is no win
Just moments before
This campaign
My sanctuary remained
Sought after
Yet wild
Reckless at times
Dropping my armor
To watch clouds pass by
No use taking sides
The rebel rises up
A southern insurrection
That’s not easily quelled
In spite of my authority
Over the territory
I let it go for a spell
Sending my negotiator
To mend what’s missed
Or misunderstood
Praying my body will listen
To my cool head
Convince my adversary
Heavy limbs are light
The disquiet bubbling up
As tightness in my chest
Is the birth of a bubble of champagne
Persuade captivated nerves
To become quiet awhile
So it goes anywise
Until the world is again still
With the morning light
Of all praise
I find myself
Humming to the soundness
Relishing the absurdity
Of my accomplishments
Or its import
Of surrender
All me

~Just L (November 22, 2017)