Pillow Case

He fell deep into her eyes and kissed her full lips;

He lain his head on her heart but couldn’t find rest;

So he built a wall between them,

As being an island suited him best.

~Just L (July 24, 2017)


He once told me
Your outside is simply an exquisite wrapping of the gift within
His way with words to any ear pleasing
I was immediately attracted to your love of life
About our first meeting, he said
Your energy is pure and good
So he read
I love your soul
He insisted he did not give away his love easily
Yet, words of affection he never minced
Still I have him call me once a week to video chat
In case I need further convinced.

~Just L (July 24, 2017)


Rainy Season


When the light wanes and low season is to blame
And the rain falls where you are
Disorientation stakes its claim

When my heart cannot be tamed
I run outside to find the north star
Polaris is as certain as our love aflame

~Just L (June 25, 2017)

I Am The Center


I lie here on my mat;
In the center of the Universe;
I am ready to practice;
To simply be.

I am standing in the grass;
Centered in the Universe;
Ancient as the trees;
Steady in the breeze.

I am reaching for the sun;
Saluting the Universe;
Bone stacked on bone;
Diving over the bees.

I lie here in the park;
I am the center of the Universe;
Breathed in by God;
God is in me.

~Just L (June 20, 2017)

No Contest

He’d say, “I love you.”

I’d reply, “I love you more.”

To which he’d retort, “It is not a contest.”

No, no contest. I won.

~Just L (June 4, 2017, Goddess Wisdom)

Author’s Note: Sometimes exes really did tell you everything you needed to know, we just weren’t listening.