She thinks I am in love with you

She thinks I am in love with you

I don’t know what she sees
Everything I do and dare
My bedhead hair
How I walk on air?


I don’t know what she hears
An old tape (in her head) stuck on play
International spies and hearsay
Listening to me sipping cabernet?


I don’ t know her sources
We do not share friends, clearly
Did you talk, Siri?
Does she read my poetry?

(Maybe so.)

But, I know how she feels
I’m the best thing you ever had
I’m not crazy, I’m mad
Was I that bad?


You think she knows you are in love with me?

~Just L (May 22, 2018)

Author’s Note: An oh so familiar tape. Unfortunately.

The Poetry Between Us

I appreciate you each new day. You are simple, natural, waking up still sleepy. You are my sweet dream in your own way. I had this epiphany. I adore the lilt in your voice. It is finer than a symphony.


I find sleeping in tangled sheets deeply affects my ability to entwine our bare feet.

And, soothing my weary soul with your touch quickens my heartbeat. With you, I feel safe, whole. When we share a beach fire over aged spirits in a bottle, and you kiss me plainly on the mouth stokes my desire. No doubt, I am committed to you. Your strong values I admire. You are in word and actions true. I love you more and more. When you say I love you, too, my heart is entirely yours. In this, we really have no choice. Together, our depths soar. Let’s simply rejoice.

~Just L (May 21, 2018)

Not One Love But Two

She read of love and soul connections
Wished upon stars in faraway galaxies
Seeking the place she belonged
Immersed herself in volumes of self-discovery
Practiced what the ancients preached
And gave herself freely but not frivolously

She flew across oceans and continents
Embraced culture and ingested local delights
She courageously fought personal wars
Sat on church pews praying for the light
Wore high heels in battle zones
And tucked herself in at night

She felt pulled before it came into view
As if they’d had a thousand lives together
Hearts already holding a conversation
Her journey for the one an elegant detour
Delighting not in one love but two
And worth every bit of fight in her

For my son
And my daughter

~Just L (May 13, 2018)

How do you wish to be kissed?

If you know anything about me. You know I have an affinity for kissing poetry. What better way to do research than to sample a few? I announced my intention, and they lined up on cue. The first bit and was too aggressive. The second had the softest lips. Next was the darting tongue. No one wants to be kissed like a fish! As the fourth pressed in I placed my fingers on his mouth, and guided, “Like this.” The first wanted to try again. Yet, again, he missed. The fifth in line promised me a very good time. His breath reeked of turpentine, and I politely declined. Feeling discouraged I smooched six and seven. They were pleasant, falling short of heaven. Eight smelled great. Chapped lips no bueno. Nine eagerly stepped up to give it a go. I don’t know what that was, but um, no! Ten appeared promising, eyes twinkling. Gently touching my maw, breathing me in. I felt woozy, tongue-tied and frozen. And as I was about to declare it a win, you I saw. You had not been in the running at all. You approached me, then stalled. I studied your face with anticipation. “You’re doing it all wrong,” you insisted. A little put off, I resisted. You came in closer purposely crowding my space. Your right hand rose to caress my face. Simultaneously, my curiosity piqued and feeling pissed. Upper lip resting on my Cupid’s bow, you whisper breathily, “How do you wish to be kissed?”

[Your response here]

~Just L (May 12, 2018)

The Different Tyoes of Kissers There Are

It All Makes Sense


Downy fine hair on my shoulders
The indented crease down your spine
Crooked pinky finger I smashed in a door
How your face twists when you say “It’s fine.”


I live and breathe with words
However clever, dating by text fizzles
The sound of your climax I imagine
Your voice’s intonation sizzles


Our nose runs when we’re aroused
The secret of true love, Olfaction
Your scent renders me tongue tied
The delicious chemistry of attraction


Your full mouth on mine
And light bites I do savor
You crave my sweet juice
Our love has a discerning flavor


Your spine tingling finger tips
Create deep and profound memories
Our sensual connection palpable
How do we release this intensity?


Each feels the same as the other
Reconnected with our soul’s essence
Sharing a similar energy
We awaken each other’s purpose

Timing is everything
And, mysterious

~Just L (May 11, 2018)