Love’s Last Days

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Do you know the feeling when you are approaching the last pages of a lovely book and you are not quite ready for the story to end? Savoring, perhaps even re-reading paragraphs so you can stay in that sweet state of sensory bliss just a wee bit longer? I am there. “There are better books to tackle,” they say. But, I adored our story so very deeply. I treasured every silly and sacred page. I am not quite ready to let the scent of it in my hands go; I like its weight; I want to feel the bind. A beautiful love story of 583 days that began not so long ago…. Only my hero left on page 459.

~Just L (June 15, 2016)

Author’s Note: I have read many books in my lifetime. I was so certain there would be a plot twist, a surprise ending, a volume two.