Unwilling To Discount My Price

What she doesn’t seem to know
Is that I broke it off with you two weeks ago

A letter that begins with “Dear John”
Restating my intention to take action

Letting go of the deep soul place I held sacred
No one to blame, the commitment faded

The stars were not aligned for us to last
Too much garbage not thrown out with the past

What is with the drama and games?
Only a tormented one seeks to defame

I don’t understand the trauma and jealousy
My spirit seeks a higher energy

I had charted my full life long before your arrival
My life is blessed far beyond simple survival

I am a woman of morals and high worth
With my feet planted firmly on the earth

I want a love willing to sign up for adventure
Not one who believes their life is indentured

What we shared is not enough to sustain
When you resolutely live in your pain

You sing, “You light up the whole world with grace and affection…
Let’s gaze together upon the horizon and run in that direction…”

Your sweet words of promise sound nice
Yet, I am unwilling to discount my price

~Just L (September 29, 2018)


Is this how we break up?

Is this how we break up?

WhatsApp messages with one checkmark
You seen holding hands with another in the dark

Repeated calls failed
Without so much as a word you bail

Texts on iPhone are never read
Left alone night after night in our bed

Your Facebook profile blocked from view
1 + 1 + another one does not equal 2

No fighting no voices raised
But I feel like I’ve just been tazed

~Just L (September 18, 2018)

Author’s Note: Not about me but I thought it read better in first person.