In Between the Devil and the Rest of His Life

He was not where he belonged,death-dark-angel
But he couldn’t follow his heart,
His dreams would not come true,
They always fell apart.

He knew he should leave,
As the love had fled long ago,
But he’d lived so long in the dark,
Fearing the light he didn’t know.

He believed in angels and yet,
When she appeared out of thin air,
The timing inspired some debate,
Recognizing not (the answer to) his prayer.

He found peace unparalleled,
Each moment close to her,
Felt solid, familiar and intimate,
All he desired is to surrender.

He knew where he belonged at last,
In his heart he felt no strife,
But he was caught in between,
The devil and the rest of his life.

~Just L (November 8, 2016)

Tragically Broken – A Lune

heartbreakFifteen glorious months
Complete bliss and abiding adoration
Loving only you

In one moment
No rhyme, reason or explanation
Overnight you withdrew

Eleven weeks later
With me, refusing all communication
Nothing to do

~Just L (May 1, 2016)

Author’s Note: I know I love him. I know he loves me. I don’t know (as I am not a mind reader) why he doesn’t believe that the chance of being together is greater than the risk of being apart. I do know my worth and I love myself enough to know that what we allow continues. And, that is truly all I know for certain.