I Didn’t Even Suck In My Stomach

I saw you on the street
In passing, We embraced
“Hi Sweetheart”…
You introduced me to your “friend”
Beautiful like a tiny painting
With a limp dishrag handshake.

I greeted you full, squarely on
With my usual over-the-top energy
“So great to see you; and meet you”
I didn’t even suck in my stomach
I don’t need your approval,
Or heartache.

~ Just L (February 5, 2019)

Any Reason

Remember when you couldn’t wait until the next time you’d see the person you were smitten with, and any excuse to see them — for a minute, one kiss, to drop off something, anything — would do?

Recall when you were happy to do anything with them simply because being anywhere they were made you happy?

Recollect the moment you stopped,  not because you felt different on the inside, but because you let something, anything convince you otherwise?

Dare to land on their porch, lose a little sleep, set aside your ego or fear of looking silly, and go for the grand gesture!

Sometimes all you have to do is show up to show your heart.

~Just L (September 3, 2016)