If You Knew (Mark My Words)

If you knew how he felt about you
Your posts of him may not be so sweet
He does not sparkle with pride
Surely your love is not so complete

If I knew about you
I may have saved myself the trouble
Simply loving my own fabulous life
Until the truth be told burst my bubble

If you knew what he did without you
Where his energy was every last moment
You may not be so boastful
Don’t think I don’t see your torment

Once I knew about you
I drew the line, as a woman of integrity
Immediately resetting my sails
Reclaiming my authenticity

If you knew how he spoke about you
Harsh words, a reflection of his heart
If you had any self-worth at all
You’d, too, set yourself apart

If only I knew you
I’d give you the wisdom of my age
No promise or bond is worth it
You’ll become bitter and full of rage

Mark my words.

~ Just L (November 14, 2018)




With Another

You think he’s so present
As he turns off his phone
Holding you, your attention
Surely he’s yours alone.

You think you’re so special
As late night he slips in
Then sleeps in so sweetly
Next night he does it again.

With another.

~Just L (March 28, 2018)

Author’s Note: Too many tales of infidelity lately… This was the trick of my narcissist, unfaithful ex-husband. Beware.

You can hold down a lie for a time

You can hold down a lie for a time
And then the narrative unravels
Truth never travels
Nor tires of a steep climb

Authenticity does not conspire
It is strong, wise, and light
A lie – a dangerous plight
Straight into a roaring fire

~Just L (March 2, 2018)

Author’s Note: I am playing with enclosed rhyme schemes (abba). I am not playing with my life. Enjoy Your Life.