If You Knew (Mark My Words)

If you knew how he felt about you
Your posts of him may not be so sweet
He does not sparkle with pride
Surely your love is not so complete

If I knew about you
I may have saved myself the trouble
Simply loving my own fabulous life
Until the truth be told burst my bubble

If you knew what he did without you
Where his energy was every last moment
You may not be so boastful
Don’t think I don’t see your torment

Once I knew about you
I drew the line, as a woman of integrity
Immediately resetting my sails
Reclaiming my authenticity

If you knew how he spoke about you
Harsh words, a reflection of his heart
If you had any self-worth at all
You’d, too, set yourself apart

If only I knew you
I’d give you the wisdom of my age
No promise or bond is worth it
You’ll become bitter and full of rage

Mark my words.

~ Just L (November 14, 2018)




I Have A Brand New Love

I have a brand new love
Who’s changed my life completely
We like the same food and music
Agree on spiritual values
Adore our children and parents
Talking to each other sweetly

We have the same temperament
Similar life goals so I’m told
Glowing hair and smile to match
We’re quirky and funny
And freakishly talented
Being yours will never grow old

My love thinks I am perfect
My strong body and brain
Enjoys long conversations
Encourages me daily
Proud of me always
Likes to snuggle in the rain

We have a list of projects
Remodeling the house (with you) was fun
Perfect travel companion
Motorcycles, trucks, cars
Cooking, writing, playing
Our list will never be done

I can’t imagine life without my love
Knows my dreams and my past
Steady in sickness and health
Everyday a new beginning
I know this love will last.

~Just L (September 18, 2018)

Author’s Note: I am clearly dating meee;)

An Angel Beckons

I received a note anonymously;
Urging me to open my heart;
Trust the divine warrior who leads the heavenly army;
Who could this be?

The words were written with sincerity;
Though the name was withheld,
Its uniqueness touched me deeply.

He was to meet me where mountains meet the sea;
“How will I recognize you?” I thought.
Yet anticipating, he penned,
“You will know me.”

With views of the cliffs, I was planted below in the lea;
At last he emerged from the sun’s glare;
I strained impatiently.

Then as if in a dream I saw his energy;
The outline of a shadowed form,
Surrounded by a pink angelic light;
I recognized his stride immediately.

The colors of love, peace and harmony;
Literally, “he who seeks God” –
Archangel Chamuel was on a mission to find me.

Excited my spirit jumped with glee;
“Yesss, I know you!”
“You love me.”

~Just L (September 15, 2018)

When You Love Yourself

WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF, you are not too little, too much, or too late. You are more than enough.

WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF, you celebrate simply being in the world. You will continually experience joy.

WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF, you have compassion for others. You will always have enough love.

WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF, healthy boundaries are a no-brainer. You will forever cultivate inner peace.

WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF, you are unapologetic about living a life that speaks to you. You have nothing to prove.

WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF, you glow from the inside. You attract people who love, respect, and appreciate your energy.

You will also attract people who are jealous, energy vampires, and dark. REMEMBER YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

~Just L (June 6, 2018)