Admire From Afar

NaPoWriMo Day 8: It’s Friday, and writing poems isn’t easy! So let’s give ourselves a break with a simple prompt today. Poets have been writing about flowers since, oh, the dawn of time. So today, I challenge you to add your own poem to this long tradition, by finding a flower, and versifying in its honor. Happy writing!

The Stargazer lily, oh how it pleases
But please remove the stamen
As it gives me the sneezes

I understand Stargazers are toxic to the cat
Vomiting, lethargy, kidney failure, and even death
A bit like drinking too much, so don’t do that

Humans report headaches, nausea and nasal congestion
Given the negatives of this particular stinky lilium
The Stargazer is like a beautiful, bitchy, bitter woman

Admire from afar.

~Just L (April 8, 2016)

Trailing Thoughts

As I walked ahead finding my normal stride
First time carrying a pack, uncertainty in my tenacity I hide
I hear (the words of my yogi) “Some days are the days to work harder than others.”
I find my breath supports me
I exhale everything stale, including the air
And press on
Weight squarely on my hips
None on my shoulders
Any weight of the world I have left far behind
The only adventure ahead is a dusty trail that my sweetheart told me months ago I had romanticized too much, and would be, at this juncture, cursing him.
Instead the only thing I curse is not doing this sooner
Or finding him.

~Just L (Notes from the PCT, June 25, 2015)

Published in the September 2015 Blender of Love Digest

Lori PCT MyT9

Super Rainbow Fertilizer

NaPoWriMo Day 22: Today is Earth Day, so I would like to challenge you to write a “pastoral” poem. Traditionally, pastoral poems involved various shepherdesses and shepherds talking about love and fields, but yours can really just be a poem that engages with nature. One great way of going about this is simply to take a look outside your window, or take a walk around a local park. What’s happening in the yard and the trees? What’s blooming and what’s taking flight?

My great fortune to have a city park at my doorstep
The vast sky of blue to the west beyond
Kisses my face in the midday
And its pinks warm my heart with the falling sun
Fresh cut grass tickles my feet and stains my knees
As I pick polished rocks from the pond
Dandelions spread their seeds
Making wishes possible
Cherry blossoms line the street like confetti
Celebrating yesterday’s rain
The buzzing I hear could be bees or allergies
People walking their dogs or laughing babies
Meanwhile weeds push through the cracks in my head
Letting in light further than it has ever been
And roots of contentment are settling in
All of this I survey from my front yard
Yet I feel it on the inside, too
Love is blooming like super rainbow fertilizer

~Just L (April 22, 2015)