Never Settle

Too many women I know have stood or prayerfully waited for too long, thinking that they are doing the right thing, the good thing, even the God thing: NEVER SETTLE for anything less than extraordinary. If you are not in a relationship where EVERY DAY you feel loved, ADORED, cherished, and that it is made abundantly clear by his actions that you are the best thing ever to happen to him, imperfectly perfect yet perfectly suited, a blessing, BEAUTIFUL, sexy, appreciated, AMAZING, full, sated… depending on the circumstances, fix it right now, or ruuuuun. Don’t look back at your life, your journals, the signs… and say, “OMG, I should have never accepted that and/or left that three years earlier!” Let us instead pray dangerously —wantonly, lustily, passionately— let us demand with every ounce of our strength, FREEDOM!

~ Just L (Goddess Wisdom, a repost from January 19, 2012)

Miss Them, But Do Not Ache For Them

Every morning you wake up with someone you love, take a moment to be amazed they are there beside you, be grateful you are alive to bear witness to another day of living and loving another human, be fascinated by this person who was vulnerable enough to wake up beside you– be it one night or one thousand times one thousand nights– place your hands over each other on your heart and embrace this sweet present so many long for. And if one morning you awake and they are gone forever, miss them, but do not ache for them. ~ Just L (Goddess Wisdom, January 14, 2019)

Full Recovery

It has been 10 years since I boldly raised two bonus daughters in the face of their father’s addiction and downward spiral.

Much of my poetry at the time, reflected my struggle.

Raising the Bottom – November 14, 2008
Good Grief – December 21, 2008
Divorce Declaration – December 6, 2009

My poems were published as a three-part piece in the Community College Moment, Volume 11, Spring 2011. The focus was “Recovery.”

What most don’t know is that I, too, was suffering from own tragedy, which in part, sent my (then) husband on a dark journey he has not yet recovered from.

I wrote about my own experience in “Who Me? Yes you. (Me, too)”

Since I was first published in the September 1998 Blender of Love Digest. Long before anyone knew who “Just L” was as I didn’t pen under my own name until 2015, the year I was first nominated for the National Poetry Series, I had only written about two subjects: Love and Loss.

This month, I received the most wonderful gift when my youngest bonus daughter, now 23, texted me:

image1 (1)

She plans to use her benefits as a flight attendant to visit me at my casa in Puerto Vallarta soon.

My heart is full.

Full recovery.

~ Just L (October 26, 2018)

When You Love Yourself

When you love yourself, you’ll be able to celebrate the inner peace and happiness you feel WITH the outside world, not THROUGH it.

When you love yourself, you can enjoy the love you receive from others and don’t worry that they might lose interest or leave.

When you love yourself, you are unapologetic about living a life that speaks to you and who you really are. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

When you love yourself you are not too much, too little, too late… YOU are enough.

~Just L (June 6, 2018)

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