It All Makes Sense


Downy fine hair on my shoulders
The indented crease down your spine
Crooked pinky finger I smashed in a door
How your face twists when you say “It’s fine.”


I live and breathe with words
However clever, dating by text fizzles
The sound of your climax I imagine
Your voice’s intonation sizzles


Our nose runs when we’re aroused
The secret of true love, Olfaction
Your scent renders me tongue tied
The delicious chemistry of attraction


Your full mouth on mine
And light bites I do savor
You crave my sweet juice
Our love has a discerning flavor


Your spine tingling finger tips
Create deep and profound memories
Our sensual connection palpable
How do we release this intensity?


Each feels the same as the other
Reconnected with our soul’s essence
Sharing a similar energy
We awaken each other’s purpose

Timing is everything
And, mysterious

~Just L (May 11, 2018)


He touched me in places I had avoided for most of my life.
The scar on my belly —
The muffin top with jelly —
My too busy brain —
So where I had once experienced pain now interestingly aches.

~Just L (October 16, 2017)