There is no sympathy for a woman’s life that appears swell

I find being single and dating at age 53 confusing as hell

There is no sympathy for a woman’s life that appears swell

While receiving multiple “Good morning beautiful” texts is quite sweet

I am too guarded to be swept off my feet

Tonight I treated myself to an early dinner of wine and duck confit

Meanwhile three men fight over the view at the bar where I sit

I know I am a catch, extremely smart and a striking tall beauty

Some would love to have my problem, but call me crazy

The truth is juggling multiple offers gives me high anxiety

A woman such as myself doesn’t expect anyone’s sympathy

Of course, I just wanna die with the one I love beside me*

Yet, I have no idea how to evaluate who this should be

I don’t have time to date this many suitors, but who do I tell?

So, to comfort myself, on the way home I stopped for Taco Bell.

~Just L (November 3, 2016)

Author’s Note: *
“Just wanna die with the one I love
Beside me”
is a line from “Honey Come Home” by The Head and the Heart.

Published in the December 2016 Blender of Love Digest.

Fine Spirit

Fine Spirit
Some believe my sigh is a sacred hymn
And my laugh the sound of angels
My magic is not for everyone
Inner gangster strong
Swag but never swerves
Built to make (wo)men come unnerved
I am a very fine spirit
An acquired good taste
Should you value appreciation
My heart the ultimate destination
Some people think I’m too much
They would be absolutely right!

~Just L (July 31, 2016)

Published in the October 2016 Blender of Love Digest.

Tinker Sailor…

He cruised in on a forty foot sailboat
Sun kissed, salty and sweet
Yet his excitement was hard to hide
For behind his serene smile and sparkly eyes
His heart raced like a Geiger counter inside
A wandering romantic, he never skipped a beat

~Just L (July 22, 2016)Michael Saling

Author’s Note: Roaming across the map, he landed next to me in a bar in Capitola. Sitting on the stool to his right I could take his pulse without ever touching him. Before now I had never been close enough to experience a mechanical aortic valve ticking… I bet he loses at poker every time!

“You’ll find we offer you much more than just a place to study…”

The brochure read.
“Never woke up in a dorm bed,”
Thought bubble over her head.
“I’ve got to meet for a run,” he said.
It was 22 years since she graduated;
So, she skipped the walk of shame.
Blame it on Rio.

Jamey~Just L (July 12, 2016)

Author’s Note: US Olympic Trials – Track & Field, Historic Hayward Field, Eugene, OR)

Published in the August 2016 Blender of Love Digest.

Verbally Fluent

His resumé indicated he was verbally fluent.

Turns out it had nothing to do with his ability to speak multiple languages correctly and well.

But, the rate at which he could seduce me to generate as many words as possible in a given time.

Or better yet, render me speechless.

Sam~Just L (July 2, 2016)