You can hold down a lie for a time

You can hold down a lie for a time
And then the narrative unravels
Truth never travels
Nor tires of a steep climb

Authenticity does not conspire
It is strong, wise, and light
A lie – a dangerous plight
Straight into a roaring fire

~Just L (March 2, 2018)

Author’s Note: I am playing with enclosed rhyme schemes (abba). I am not playing with my life. Enjoy Your Life.

Keep Your Love

Without honesty love is unstable. Without trust love is lost. I will not compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love; I will keep my respect. I know my high worth.

~Just L (February 10, 2018, Goddess Wisdom)

The Best Is Surely Yet

I once climbed mountains for one who held my heart.

Never grasping, ‘Wait for someone to do their part.’

Until I dared to be vulnerable, missing the trust fall.

With a thud I realized it wasn’t about me at all.

Wandering for a time, I questioned the other’s motive.

At last I decided this was no way to live.

I dusted off my pride and let my light shine.

Happy and grateful to be in this bruised skin of mine.

I redoubled my efforts to allow others in.

After all, living with integrity and kindness is hardly a sin.

Then entered that one who wished to change my view.

By blowing my mind without exploding my world, too.

I got someone who wants me, and not just the “next.”

There is far more to love, and the best is surely yet.

~Just L (August 15, 2017)