Gone Rogue – Year 3

For the past three years I have had the pleasure to be inspired by a four-day/three-night rafting trip with Noah’s River Adventures (http://noahsrafting.com/) on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River.

Here’s this year 3’s reflection followed by a link to year 4’s.

Into the wild and scenic with a yogi,
Several scientists, teachers, writers
A designer and a builder retired
One art historian and a social justice fighter
Three night, 43-mile Rogue River party
Padded seat, kayak, or paddle raft rowing
Churning through steep rock walls of Mule Creek Canyon
And boulder-strewn Blossom Bar Rapids before slowing
Miners, early settlers, heart of the river story
Relayed by Dustin and Abraham Lincoln (Tillman)
A bouncy rap flowed from Bobby Dee
While guides slice fruit for guests to munch on
For rock hounds, plenty of chalcedony
Into harmony, spirit, body, and mind
Whisky Creek Cabin, between Grave Creek and Rum
100 proof prospectors more into booze than 79
Glimpsed eagles, minks, a bear picking berries,
Saw turtles, but no Dove (name of a guide who is on the move)
Diverse, inclusive flotilla communities
Converse about food and love...
Those hickeys are cupping, “my lover’s a lamprey”
“Sunchocola is a sweet, smoky tomato”
“Wish you’d label your mealworms”
“I (Leon) row for burritos.”
Of separation, some discovered degrees
For shooting stars or yoga practice
“Come to your mat or situation”
While time still hums on its axis
Absorbed SPF that’s vegan, gluten-free
Swam with Tuna, a sweet pup
Learned we’re “not related to Gerbils”
(Morning) Joe and High Desert Pure many’s the giddy-up
Under the waning sun, Rebecca stung by a bee
Duckies (inflatable kayaks) dive into white water ala pochards
Austin turned into Moses right before our eyes
Since 1974, Noah’s River Ark is the vanguard
~ Just L (August 16-19, 2019)
Read "Rogue Love - Year 4":
Duckies for those who are derring-do.

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