Rogue Love – Year 4

For the past four years I have had the pleasure to be inspired by a four-day/three-night rafting trip with Noah’s River Adventures ( on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River.

Here’s this year’s reflection followed by last year’s.

Rogue Love – Year 4

It feels like being in your favorite worn-in college hoodie drinking coffee on a cool morning anticipating the day’s adventure, cozy and familiar.

It feels warm on your skin like the scorching sunshine that accompanies the best whitewater of the season or a wind-powered hair dryer in the Narrows between Mule Creek and Blossom Bar, glowing (or blowing) with laughter.

It feels like a jump from a high rock into the cool rushing Rogue River in the height of August, right after your raft survived the Class V rapids,  exhilarating and free.

It feels secret akin the hike to Tate Creek Falls that ends in a rope climb to the top of the waterfall, then a 10-foot drop down a natural water slide to a hidden swimming hole, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It feels like walking through the Siskiyou National Forest on a summer evening,  each moss-laden branch forms a cathedral of conifers that surround you, serene and breathtaking.

It feels bright as Perseids peak, a celestial event best viewed with the moonlight blocked out by the rock gorges with nearly vertical walls, towering cliffs and majestic stands of the Wild Rogue Wilderness, absolutely awe-inspiring.

The wilderness is a uniquely American idea, and it is here – in this varied magical landscape – where I feel I rediscover playing outdoors, diverse wildlife, wildly deepened friendships, and gratitude as expert guides traverse the challenging 34-mile stretch between Grave Creek and Foster Bar.

~Just L (August 14-17, 2020)

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Sharing my love of this epic river adventure with friends is the best!

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