You Didn’t See Me

When I saw you I thought Could we Make a life Together, Happily We laughed Shared the same heart Missed each other When apart Not thinking Our lips met Reluctantly parting And yet I think You didn't see me. ~Just L (January 22, 2019)

Back It Up

Just know that I want you back Hurry before I slip through the cracks I don’t know where I’m going I can’t stand this plateauing I don’t want to hear you I just want to feel you I don’t care what you say Except you’re coming my way Send chills down my spine Skin on … Continue reading Back It Up

Attraction is Whack

Interest does not equal commitment. Repeat to yourself until you understand this. And can act on it without falling. ~Just L (Goddess Wisdom, March 21, 2018) Author's Note: Attraction is a more dangerous drug than crack. Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

A Storm Rises

A storm rises From the raging sea; Are they aware of the crackling in the air, Or are they only aware of the electricity between them? Waves crash against the sand, But they do not drown; In water. ~Just L (March 2, 2017)