Any Reason

Remember when you couldn’t wait until the next time you’d see the person you were smitten with, and any excuse to see them — for a minute, one kiss, to drop off something, anything — would do?

Recall when you were happy to do anything with them simply because being anywhere they were made you happy?

Recollect the moment you stopped,  not because you felt different on the inside, but because you let something, anything convince you otherwise?

Dare to land on their porch, lose a little sleep, set aside your ego or fear of looking silly, and go for the grand gesture!

Sometimes all you have to do is show up to show your heart.

~Just L (September 3, 2016)

Tinker Sailor…

He cruised in on a forty foot sailboat
Sun kissed, salty and sweet
Yet his excitement was hard to hide
For behind his serene smile and sparkly eyes
His heart raced like a Geiger counter inside
A wandering romantic, he never skipped a beat

~Just L (July 22, 2016)Michael Saling

Author’s Note: Roaming across the map, he landed next to me in a bar in Capitola. Sitting on the stool to his right I could take his pulse without ever touching him. Before now I had never been close enough to experience a mechanical aortic valve ticking… I bet he loses at poker every time!

“You’ll find we offer you much more than just a place to study…”

The brochure read.
“Never woke up in a dorm bed,”
Thought bubble over her head.
“I’ve got to meet for a run,” he said.
It was 22 years since she graduated;
So, she skipped the walk of shame.
Blame it on Rio.

Jamey~Just L (July 12, 2016)

Author’s Note: US Olympic Trials – Track & Field, Historic Hayward Field, Eugene, OR)

Published in the August 2016 Blender of Love Digest.

Confessions – Fall Out

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…”

I don’t know why it is taking me so long to fall out of love. Far longer than it took me to fall in.

When we first met, I was initially cautious and had no intention of allowing my emotions to get involved beyond initial attraction and enjoying his company. Yet, I soon found, much to my delight, he was as smitten with me as I was with him. We were, by all accounts, a striking couple — Perfectly suited, at ease, happy, and cute together, to boot.

Our spark was a reflection of how lucky we were to find each other in the middle of a full life lived before our chance meeting a little over two years ago. Our staying power was built on a foundation of appreciation for the simple things, and a deep trust and understanding that never felt like work. We were crazy in love.

Until he suddenly wasn’t. (Not just “one day” but in the span of less than one day.)

I loved the way I felt when I was with him. I loved the life we shared with each other, and the one we were creating together. I have every reason to believe every moment between us was real and reciprocated. So, perhaps I should not be surprised this is requiring more effort than simply getting up and brushing myself off.

It feels more like climbing, and I find everything in me screams this is entirely the wrong direction!

Al & Lori Fav Moments~Just L (Still about him, July 5, 2016)

Author’s Note: You may see me laugh and play, but the sacredness of our love has not gone away.

Verbally Fluent

His resumé indicated he was verbally fluent.

Turns out it had nothing to do with his ability to speak multiple languages correctly and well.

But, the rate at which he could seduce me to generate as many words as possible in a given time.

Or better yet, render me speechless.

Sam~Just L (July 2, 2016)



INumerologyNumbers39n my life, 39 has been a reoccurring theme
I divorced two men the year they turned 39
One seven years and the other 12 years younger (than me)
And, after each break up, I was genuinely just fine
I’ve only had one love in my life that was older
And sadly he truly broke my heart like no other
I’ve at last accepted a date with another for the first time
Educated, traveled, multilingual, and strong
A little summer fun where not much can go wrong
But, guess how old he is? (Barely) 39, 14 years my junior (Oh my)
So, what on earth does this mean?

~Just L (June 29, 2016)

Published in the July 2016 Blender of Love Digest.

Author’s Note: The deep down basic essence of the numerology number 39 is creative expression. The 39 essence contains the 3’s essence, such as creative expression, inspiration, and tolerance, plus a dose of the 9’s essence, such as humanitarianism, tolerance, and philanthropy, this blend resulting in an essence unique.

The essence of the energy the number 39 represents is overt creative self-expression that’s easily observed and can be appreciated. The energy it represents includes imagination, effective communication, tolerance, joyfulness, optimism, and dynamism.

In social situations, others tend to find their energy and outlook on life uplifted, their creativity stimulated, and their future looking brighter. They’re enticed with creative scenarios that seem quite possible to attain.

There’s an absence of prejudice and judgement in the energy represented by the number 39. It tends to be compassionate, tolerant of religions and life styles. Although tolerant, it holds a more or less private idealistic vision for humankind and understands that the future is likely to be better.

Although it may appear that 39 is participating in the activities of a group primarily for the pleasure of interacting with others, the social aspect of 39 has much to do with implementing creative solutions for its ever attention on the welfare of humanity.

The essence of the energy 39 represents is primarily creative self-expression, generally used to benefit others. It also encourages the creative expression of others.

Imagine a creative, tolerant, and compassionate existence; generous with its help for individuals and organizations intent on doing the world some good. Existence is filled with imagination and optimism. People are fun to be around.

That’s 39.