Don’t tell me what he’s like when he’s smitten with you…

Don’t tell me what he’s like when he’s smitten with you, tell me how he treats you when he’s angry – or bored with you.

How does he treat his family and friends? Does he have close relationships or are they simply work / hobby acquaintances? Do all of his best friends coincidentally live far away? How does he deal with challenges? Is he selectively compassionate and kind? Have you heard him make fun of people? Has he walked away from responsibilities? Is it always someone else’s fault? Have you witnessed him lying to another? Does he communicate well with others under stress? Have you heard him speak harshly on the phone to others? Does he keep score in other relationships? How does he treat any exes? How does he speak about them? Is he non-confrontational, but holds information for future bargaining? The truth is that a man’s character doesn’t change with his friends or with a woman. Don’t think that a man will treat you differently than he does his family and friends.

Go ahead , tell yourself, “He wouldn’t do that to me because of our relationship.” Don’t ignore the warning signs about his character and convince yourself that he will act differently with you.

He may be different in the beginning but I promise that given enough time, he’ll treat you the same as everyone else. Keep that in mind.

~Just L (Goddess Wisdom, August 22, 2017)

Open Season

Heartbreak has haunted her yet has not dulled her shine —
She is forever hopeful and always kind —
Both determined and blessed —
Selflessly gives more than she’s received —
Offering the keys to her life with generosity —
In her presence you’ll feel at rest —
Possibly at your best —
Often adored but never deceived —
You’ll surely laugh at her silliness —
Wrapped up in a blur of happiness —
Rocker chick to the symphony
Or working in philanthropy —
She embodies pure class; puts everyone at ease —
So if you’re planning to make her your queen —
Know family and transparency are everything —
She is far more badassery than royal —
Appreciates objects of affection and bling —
Intrigued, be certain you’re whole — (no fixer uppers)
She’s so sexy you’ll lose your mind
But never your soul.

~Just L (November 24, 2016)