Open Season

Heartbreak has haunted her yet has not dulled her shine —
She is forever hopeful and always kind —
Both determined and blessed —
Selflessly gives more than she’s received —
Offering the keys to her life with generosity —
In her presence you’ll feel at rest —
Possibly at your best —
Often adored but never deceived —
You’ll surely laugh at her silliness —
Wrapped up in a blur of happiness —
Rocker chick to the symphony
Or working in philanthropy —
She embodies pure class; puts everyone at ease —
So if you’re planning to make her your queen —
Know family and transparency are everything —
She is far more badassery than royal —
Appreciates objects of affection and bling —
Intrigued, be certain you’re whole — (no fixer uppers)
She’s so sexy you’ll lose your mind
But never your soul.

~Just L (November 24, 2016)

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