Winter is Over: Finally!

NaPoWriMo Day 8: Write a palinode. And what’s that? It’s a poem in which the poet retracts a statement made in an earlier poem. You could take that route or, if you don’t have an actual poetically-expressed statement you want to retract, maybe you could write a poem in which you explain your reasons for changing your mind about something. It could be anything from how you decided that you like anchovies after all to how you decided that annoying girl was actually cool enough that you married her.

I just wanted to tell you a few things:
You are blooming.  Whatever Winter you were experiencing is officially over.
You are glowing.  Life fills your face with every smile and laugh.
You are fruitful.  You are experiencing wonderful growth and abundance.
You are giving.  You shower those around you with your gifts.
You are exciting.  You crackle with electricity.
You are loved.  Many love you and think you are a Superstar.
You are an amazing woman.  You just are.
I love you.


Truth is, he didn’t; yet,  the rest remains true as I cannot be retracted.

~Just L (April 8, 2015)

Note: A poem published in its original form in February 2013’s Blender of Love digest.

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