The cocktail table tells her story

NaPoWriMo Day 10: I know yesterday’s was a hard one for many of you, although I also was also very touched by the vulnerability and bravery displayed in your poems! But today’s prompt should be a little bit less emotionally involving — a nice chaser for yesterday. Today’s prompt comes to us from Lillian Hallberg. She challenges us to write a “book spine” poem. This involves taking a look at your bookshelves, and writing down titles in order (or rearranging the titles) to create a poem. Some fun images of book spine poems can be found here. If you want to take things a step further, Lillian suggests gathering a list of titles from your shelves (every third or fifth book, perhaps, if you have a lot) and using the titles, as close to the originals as possible, to create a poem that is seeded throughout with your own lines, interjections, and thoughts. Happy writing!

She loves poetry.
The Ballad of Reading Gaol
A Working Girl Can’t Win
The Love Poetry of Rumi

Appreciates art.
The Best of Beardsley
Banksy Wall and Piece
Idols of Perversity

Photography, especially gelatin silver.
Weston’s Forms of Passion
A Singular Elegance

And adores the classics.
Man without a Country
The Courtship of Miles Standish
The Happy Prince

She believes philosophy is life’s handbook.
Blue Truth
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Terminal Paradox

Life, a thrilling adventure.
True Hallucinations
The Devil’s Sandbox

Strives for harmony, right or wrong.
Using Feng Shui
A Room of her Own: Women’s Personal Spaces
The Little Book of Wrong Shui

Values soul bearing honesty.
Every Day Diary – 1974
The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rockstar

And simpler times.
Outdoors and In
Janet and Mark

~Just L (April 10, 2016)

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