NaPoWriMo Day 22: Today’s prompt comes to us from Gloria Gonsalves, who also suggested our prompt for Day Seven. Today, Gloria challenges us all to write a poem in honor of Earth Day. This could be about your own backyard, a national park, or anything from a maple tree to a humpback whale. Happy writing!

Opening her eyes she saw not just the trees but the whole forest – Perhaps for the first time.

Under this canopy of protection and beauty, she rested on the earth, and closed her eyes.

She felt the gravity caressing her body, solid and without fail.

Imagining all that can be. Thankful for all that is.

She rose and ran toward all that was to come.

And the earth followed her. Smiling.

~Just L (April 22, 2016, revised from “Uprooted” July 29, 2015)

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