NAPOWRIMO Day 15: Agatha Trunchbull’s Secret Garden

NAPOWRIMO Day 15: Agatha Trunchbull’s Secret Garden

Agatha Trunchbull

A large woman who wears her hair in a tight, unforgiving bun;
She terrorizes children, and was glad that she was never a child or had fun.

Her outfit is a bottle-green tight pantsuit adorned with a black belt with a silver buckle;
She became strict on rules; for instance she did not allow girls to have pigtails.

Trunchbull also does not like boys with long hair;
She once threw a girl named Amanda Thripp over the fence by her pigtails, and once put a boy eating Liquorice Allsorts into a terrible fatal state by throwing him out a fifth story window high in the air.

She is harsh, arrogant, psychopathic, and extremely cruel;
An educator and tyrant, and later at Crunchem Hall, the principal.

This was also the school where her niece taught at so she made it her job to hover;
Trunchbull makes weekly visits to Ms. Honey’s classroom and tends to take over.

Putting children into a horrific torture device known as The Chokey was her idea of detention;
A tall, narrow cupboard, filled with broken glass and nails, resembling an iron maiden.

She grew organic fruits and vegetables, creating fresh pressed juice after school;
No one knew this secret about Agatha Trunchbull. (Not even Roald Dahl)

For vegans, carnivores, and everyone in between, they were nutrient-dense, gluten/sugar/dairy-free;
And all juices and broths were packaged in glass to ensure their integrity and safety.

On Saturdays, she delivered her superfood juices to members of the community near and far;
That is, until Harry Wormwood purposely sold her a faulty, shoddy car.

~Just L (April 15, 2018)

Author’s Note: NaPoWriMo Prompt – In her interview, Sarah Blake suggests writing a poem in which a villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human (but still evil). Perhaps this could mean the witch from Hansel & Gretel has lost her beloved cat, and is going about the neighborhood sticking up heart-wrenching “Lost Cat” signs, but still finds human children delicious. Maybe Blackbeard the Pirate is lost at sea in an open boat, remembering how much he loved his grandmother (although he will still kill the first person dumb enough to scoop him from the waves).

Inspiration provided by:

Villian: Agatha Trunchbull (Matilda)
Author: Roald Dahl
Year: 1988

And, Nourish Noodle & Juice Bar in Eugene, Oregon. I assure you not only does the founder/owner, Jon, make delicious beverages packed with live enzymes and minerals to assist you in achieving your optimal health, he loves children.

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