NAPOWRIMO Day 20: Why wait for Memorial Day to wear white?

NAPOWRIMO Day 20: Why wait for Memorial Day to wear white?

It is April 2018 and I am wearing [gulp] white pants!
I am breaking a hard and fast rule
Ripped jeans, done right, look fashioned forward and cool
Distressed jeans in any color, my mother would be aghast

It started in the ‘30’s with the ultra-rich wearing only white in the summer
Light clothing gave the look of leisure
This idea expanded in the 50’s among the middle class
GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) held to no white before or after Labor Day

Before you scoff
Fashion rules are meant to be broken for those who can pull it off!

~Just L (April 20, 2018)

Author’s Note: Prompt – Write a poem that involves rebellion in some way. The speaker or subject of the poem could defy a rule or stricture that’s been placed on them, or the poem could begin by obeying a rule and then proceed to break it (for example, a poem that starts out in iambic pentameter, and then breaks into sprawling, unmetered lines). Or if you tend to write funny poems, you could rebel against yourself, and write something serious (or vice versa). Whatever approach you take, your poem hopefully will open a path beyond the standard, hum-drum ruts that every poet sometimes falls into.

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