It wasn’t logic, it was love

Although Steve begs for forgiveness, Miranda insists on splitting up, and she moves to the Lower East Side. In a moment of shortsighted selfishness, she tells Big the night before his and Carrie’s wedding that they are crazy to get married because it ruins everything, causing him to leave Carrie at the altar. Miranda wants to confess everything right after, but Charlotte convinces her it was not really her fault but Big’s. The girls change the honeymoon trip into a vacation trip for themselves. Almost a (lonely) year passes by before Miranda confesses it on Valentine’s Day to Carrie about her wrongdoing. Carrie berates Miranda for wanting forgiveness for her own mistake but refusing to forgive Steve. Miranda and Steve go to couples’ therapy, during which they decide to meet on the Brooklyn Bridge in two weeks if they want to forgive and forget what happened and start over. Miranda starts contemplating her relationship with Steve by making a pro and cons list. She looks in the mirror and sees that she has a milk moustache. This makes her realize she wants to be with Steve after all and she hurries to the Brooklyn Bridge to reconcile with him. So, Steve and Miranda do some soul searching and decide they still love each other and reunite on the Brooklyn Bridge solidifying their quest for forgiveness together.

— A scene from “Sex in the City: The Movie” (2008)

It wasn’t logic, it was love.

The lesson here: Life decisions are not easy. But when it comes to forgetting or forgiving, I do find one to be easier and more important.  ~ Just L (July 28, 2016)

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