Long Distance Relationship Recipe

Don’t let too much time pass without planning a face to face…
Building intimacy is more important than who lives in the best place.

Be sure to liberally stir in magic and grace.

Plan a special date once a month whether near or far…
Play a game together or wish upon the same star.

Fold in attraction and values, and you’ll go far.

Don’t let a single week pass by…
Without knowing the other’s highs and lows.

Understand when to strain small irritations and let go.

Exchange sweet words on weekly basis…
Be proactive and thoughtful to shake up the stasis.

Don’t be afraid to add a new ingredient or try something crazy.

Share a little silliness everyday…
Oft times laughing may be the only way.

And a short video may make one’s entire day.

Your meeting may have been a chance encounter…
A lasting relationship requires growing together.

Following the recipe to the letter will surely disappoint him or her.

When all else fails and the kitchen’s too hot…
Hop on a plane counting the hours until you kiss.

Why not?

~Just L (NaPoWriMo, April 2, 2017)


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