There Is A Woman Who Lights Up The Whole Earth

You, statuesque beauty, graced the door – took my breath away. You lit up the whole room. What is your secret?
I found it futile to divide myself between the beat of the drum and my heart. What is your secret?

Positive energy crackling in the air; Enamored by the mystery that draws two souls together.
Woman, Jah plucked you from the kingdom of heaven to be mine – granting my prayer in secret.

At once, I sat at the table before you, felt I had known you for an eternity, and had to be your true lover man.
And, though we had not yet touched, I was more deeply in love than ever. This is my secret.

Your sun-kissed skin and caramel tresses a stark contrast to my chocolate canvass and guava-covered locks, we make a striking pair.
In the hours we are apart my mind is filled with dreams, and my body searches for you. No secret.

I never want to leave you alone; I want you in my house, in my truck, to share all of my worldly goods…
My Empress, I cannot live without you. Do I have your full attention? We cannot keep this joy a secret.

Woman, there is no one in the world that makes me, the Lion, feel like you.
You light up the whole earth. What is your secret?

~Just L (NaPoWriMo, April 13, 2017)

Author’s Note: The lines in this ghazal were *liberally* borrowed from this playful song composed and sang by my love.


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