On the Mouth

She Falls 1had arrived at the mouth of her favorite place. The headwaters commenced deeper in the forest beyond her, and perhaps beyond her comfort. She had found the most exquisite patch of earth just ahead on the trail where the sun streamed through the tall fir trees two decades before; yet, arriving upon it never ceased to thrill. Skipping excitedly out onto what was once a natural bridge now eroded by the supernatural she closed her eyes allowing both ears to be equally filled with the roar of rushing water. Whenever her world had become too noisy she longed for these places, and sought them out on trails, in parks, and too often these days in the shower. Standing in the dancing shadows, she knew she was almost there. She felt a flutter of excitement in her stomach as she spotted her destination: A large flat rock, pre-treated by the sun, the one with the natural dip that perfectly cradled her seat allowing a book to perch comfortably on her knees. Its expanse large enough to share with another, though the unwritten rule of the Universe stated that if someone else had set up there first you would not disturb them. She understood all too well that perhaps they were also stealing a small slice of peace 45 minutes from the urban hustle. Escaping from that or running toward this, one never knew. She knew the powers of the stone melting away the burdens of too many days… Ah, that glorious refining heat, and so, on those occasions, she never stayed. And, she was thankful that others who knew the rules of survival, upon discovering her, had also quietly backed away. Oft times there would be families camping nearby with children playing on the rock, using it as a stepping stone to the myriad of treasures below, or simply for viewing the falls. This, of course, was different, and when she happened upon these inhabitants of her sacred place, she was never disturbed. She took a deep breath and openly engaged those enjoying their first discoveries, or smiling silently as mothers worried when their young ones teetered too close to the edge or as their teens bound from fallen log to log to the rock slides in the river below the lower falls. On this day it was hers, as if it had been reserved. Settling in she unpacked here, as she always did, carefully setting each piece out on the altar of this glorious day — forever called today. First things first she put on her sunglasses and took off her socks and shoes, squirming just a bit as the warmth of the earth soothed her weary feet. Or was it her soul? She took a sip of water refreshing with its bite of lemon, and put the bottle in a close by crevice so it wouldn’t roll into the clear blue-green below. She had already sacrificed so many things to these falls where upon arriving in Oregon she was told her Spirit Guide resided: cameras, a favorite jacket once, and many tears… So much so, she knew that smartphones and anything more than one delicious bottle of beer had no business here. Next from its cheesecloth swaddle emerged a baguette, Brie, pepper jerky, frozen grapes and kiwi: A communion for one. She had long ago learned chocolate could not survive here unless expertly tucked into a croissant — never mind the usual buttery flaky pastry was smashed flat, it all went down deliciously the same. She savored each bite, as if she for the first time tasted such delights. Each time was a rebirth as she consciously slowed herself down enough to notice how much feeling was always available to her awareness. This was her offering, long before prayer and yoga became part of her practice. A light breeze kissed her face, and she closed her eyes to take it in. Her heart shined as the mist of the falls sprinkled her cheeks. This, simply this, after all, is why she is here are on this particular day. To be kissed by God. She yelled into the pounding of the falls, “I love you, too!” And the falls answered her, as it always did, with an endless, “Shhhhhh…” Opening her eyes, she steadied herself from the heady rush of the moment. Pulling out her pen and journal she began to write of love… The kind that never ceased to meet her right here… On the mouth.

~Just L (found poem, February 3, 2015)


Lower Falls, Salmon Creek

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