Cupid Set A Tripwire

Queen of Broken Hearts by Savannah Rose from Just L’s private art collection.

He is dark and light, a silver lining under shades of grey. Sherpa Hunter illuminating his way. Except for Tequila, steers away from the rocks. Music and Marvel packed among regrets in a box. Like so many attempts to love gone astray.

She is pink and soft like cotton candy under black urban attire. More than a designer label, one of a kind. Dirty martini or crystal encased wine. Be au fait with an ever changing list of poets and songwriters she admires.

Recognizing in kind, their match from the start was plain. Meeting desires never spoken. Embracing messy and beautifully made, healing what afore was broken.  Understanding the longing for a life well lived, quotes from revered authors, and tales from the crazy train.

Holding each other’s heart tightly and hand loosely, they fell hard without hardly trying.

So why then did Cupid set a tripwire?

~Just L (November 1, 2016)

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