The Poetry Between Us

I appreciate you each new day. You are simple, natural, waking up still sleepy. You are my sweet dream in your own way. I had this epiphany. I cherish the lilt in your voice. It is finer than a symphony.


I find sleeping in tangled sheets deeply affects my ability to entwine our bare feet.

And, soothing my weary soul with your touch quickens my heartbeat. With you, I feel safe, whole. When we share a beach fire, aged spirits in a bottle, and you kiss me plainly on the mouth, it stokes my desire. No doubt, we are on the same plane. Your strong values I admire. You are in word and actions true. I adore you just a little more each day. When you say I love you, my heart is entirely yours. In this, we really have no choice. Together, our depths soar. Let’s simply rejoice.

~Just L (May 21, 2018)

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