Being Led

There is something about a man taking my hand and leading me somewhere, anywhere for the purposes of connection, seduction, or abduction…  Add that kissing in the closet concoction: Absolutely delicious.

(Gah! Perfection.)

~Just L (found poem, June 10, 2014)

Author’s Note: I have always been a sucker for summer love. As a teen our annual family vacations were often split between California beaches and camping at the lake. Because, by their very definition, summer romances aren’t meant to last very long, there is a sense of urgency in them – a rushed intimacy. Not to mention the fact that your entire memory of any summer romance will have taken place in that initial “honeymoon” phase that marks the beginning of all relationships. That time when the other person is totally fascinating and can do no wrong. It makes the “love” seem ideal, with memories unlike any other. As an adult, whether single or in a relationship, I  still seek out the magic of a sexy, sun-kissed summer fling!

Being Led and A Waxing Crescent Kiss were published in the July 2014 Blender of Love Digest

“Two lovely pieces by Just L” –Kirk , Blender-Keeper

Also enjoy three summer pieces published in the August 2014 Blender of Love Digest

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