People fall so easily with me
Tripping on the ease
Stumbling on the words
Letting gravity pull them down, down, down
Into my arms
Always open
And the Fallen
So thankful for the catch
They remain
They steal the warmth from my skin
Suck the words from my tongue
Take the gifts of my hips
And for a while I believe it is love
And maybe it is
Maybe it was
But I do not love by grasping
And so they go
Leaving as easily as they came
I do not fold my arms to force their stay
Years of falling and catching
Coming and going
Loving and losing
My arms remain open
Always open
Because someday I will know
When he chooses to stay

~Written by Laurel Ahlfeld

Author’s Note: This is a beautifully written piece published as a front page pick in the October 2010 Blender of Love Digest. It spoke to me then, and it speaks to me now and again.  I thought you might enjoy it also.

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