Piece of Cake?

I completely regret accommodating his comfort zone
I should’ve cared less about his early mornings and stayed
Left items at his place for him to trip over on the floor
Dare cooked all of the foods he said he could not eat
Held his gaze kissing under the stars, or on no particular day
Equally mad about each other, there was never any doubt
Living without him, I never wanted to learn; It was not in my plan
I looked forward to creating new traditions with him again and again
He could’ve shared what was so obvious, “I’ve been waiting for someone like you my whole life and I’m not going to let you go!”
Of course, if I must, I’d settle for his reason to graciously move on tho’
I bet the independence he has isn’t as sweet as he thought
And I hope the energy to stay mad is now just maddening
I believe giving up on true love is absolutely unfathomable
But, after this long, I am, at last, beginning to crack
So, I am getting ready
Stocking up on cake
To cure a heart ache

Girl in Cake~Just L (May 10, 2016)

(Or not.)

Author’s Note: I hope not.

#abouthim #cake

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