A relationship is going to unfold in only one of two ways

A relationship is going to unfold in only one of two ways: it will either last forever or it will fall apart. In order to get the relationship that lasts, you have to come to terms with all the ones that didn’t.

~Just L (Goddess Wisdom, January 10, 2017)

Note: Often this means sorting feelings from fact, and correcting faulty thinking that was imprinted on you from another who was incapable of loving you. Learn to live above your feelings. Learn the difference between being liked and being valued. Your significant other should make you feel significant. The man/woman who isn’t meant to be yours will mainly find flaws in you. Don’t allow a damaged person to distort your reality. Don’t let heartbreak change you. Mistreating the next person won’t do it, neither will pretending not to want love. Get up and try again. Be open to receive love.

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