Confessions – Slow (e)Motion


Just L on the first day of summer (2016)

 It is the first day of summer… It is just sinking in that he broke up with me on Valentine’s Day.

I may be a little slow… But, how could he let spring go?

~Just L (About him, June 21, 2016)

Author’s Note: Though I am well-known as a hopeful romantic, I genuinely had no expectations for this particular day. Nevertheless, in retrospect, I certainly didn’t anticipate this outcome. He decidedly, without so much as a conversation, let us go.

Research shows that conflict is common on Valentine’s Day, especially where one partner is romantic and the other is cynical and views the day as a marketing ploy and detests it. This can easily give rise to other feelings about the direction of the relationship in general and compatibility. Interestingly, it can actually be the romantic partner who initiates a Valentine’s Day breakup because things didn’t turn out perfectly from the moment the day started––be aware of this!

Clotthes by Katie Brown Los Angeles. See this picture on Instagram.

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